Gentek Siding

They have over 50 years of experience in providing high-quality siding products. They are dedicated to meeting the requirements of their customers' needs. They have been on the lead of making the best products for siding hence creating a good reputation among their customers. They offer a variety of brands such as vinyl, steel, aluminium and other materials. They help to make the exterior of your house beautiful and also add value to your home. They will help you in reflecting your taste in your house. They design windows in such a way that it inspires other people. They work so well making sure that their products are affordable, durable and stylish. They will also help you to select the color that can match with the outside part of your house. They will then allocate a qualified person who will come and do all the work. Refurbishing your home is a one time job which will leave a mark on your and appeal in the house for many years. The following are some of the products they deal with;

  • Vinyl siding
  • Aluminium siding Vancouver
  • Steel siding
  • House decoration
  • Replacing windows
  • Vinyl replacement windows
  • Different shapes window
  • Colors for windows
  • Insulated siding

When it comes to insulated using, they come up with an energy saving technique which makes use of insulation materials, ultra-premium materials. By so doing, they ensure that your house stays warm during cold seasons. This is an energy saving technique that also aims at reducing your energy bills. Vinyl siding combines both color and texture, providing a well-decorated siding. They ensure that it is a good match for your house. All their products are easy to maintain. Among the service they have in vinyl siding is the sequoia select provide strong and wide thickness which makes it most appropriate to resist a hurricane. It has a well-embossed texture that has attractive colors thereby creating a sense of elegance. Others include Fair Oaks and Berkshire beaded. Specialty siding is one of their best products which creates a good impression in your house. They have beautiful wood finishes. The other kind of siding they offer is the aluminum siding which creates ambiance in the exterior of the home. They also ensure that the house is warm and the colors are attractive. The end product is very strong and does do not get damaged easily.

Gentek Siding

Types of Siding

Apart from this, Gentek siding in Nanaimo also offers its customers' steel siding. The steel siding is very strong and has attractive colors while its texture is natural. Ones it is installed, it will create extra protection to your house. It also has a beautiful texture that is attractive. Fiber cement is famous which comes in different appearances and designs. They have James Hardie kind of cement siding which is suitable or the exterior. They also have windows which are energy efficient and attractive. They design durable frames and then insulate it with glass. In addition, they also have windows that are available in different shapes and also durable. They match well with the exteriors siding making your house look attractive.

Gentek siding also makes insulated glass. All their glass products have met the requirements of the ENERGY STAR. You can visit them or inquire about their glass products. These windows have different colors which blend well with the outer wall and color. They provide a sound palette with a sense of style thereby demonstrating your style and taste.

Among the reasons why it is important to check out for their services is because they provide heavy and thick walls that provide extra security for your house. Also, most of their products are energy efficient, thereby cutting down your costs on electricity bills. With their long term experience in siding, they will create attractive finishes on your house walls with beautiful colors and fine textures. Sequoia select is in a position to withstand even the strong winds. It has been tested and found out that it can resist wind of up to 407 km/h. If you have a plan or idea to transform the outer walls of your house, make sure you seek the assistance and you will note a significant change. Visit them or call them to have you needs fulfilling.

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